Starting over due to Covid

Feb 23, 2021

Anonymous says "My industry was hit really hard with Covid and I have been forced to seek employment in a different field. I hate that I have to start over and don't think I am going to like this new job. What can I do to make this less miserable as I wait for something in my original work to come open?"


Can you relate?


 Do you:

  • feel like things are out of your control?
  • hate that you have to start over?
  • feel out of sorts in a new situation?


Whatever your thoughts, if you find yourself at the mercy of your situation; this video is for you.


Thank you Anonymous for this excellent question that I know will help so many.


Get back in the driver seat of your thoughts and find power in your situation and creation abilities. Remember, you are never starting over. You carry all of your expertise, experience and skills everywhere you go. And, who knows? Maybe you will pick up a few more or use them to better everything you touch in this and any industry!


If Anonymous' question sparked a question in you, submit it here.


Remember, odds are good that whatever you are struggling with someone else is as well.


And we can all benefit from each other, if for no other reason, than to know you are not alone.


Sending self confidence and trust!


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