What version of you do your goals require?

Jun 10, 2021

Who is in charge of setting and meeting your goals?

Of course, your goals require you.

But what version of you?

You are multi faceted.  Multi dimensional.  

And some of the time, those different facets and dimensions compete with each other.

Argue with each other.

A part that wants one thing.

And another part that wants something completely different.

One part wants growth and excitement and is exhilirated at the unknown and the possibilities it holds.

Another part wants safety and comfort and ice cream (ok, that last part may just be me).  

Both are really good at making a case for their wants.  

To choose one means pulling on willpower to quel the other.  

Except willpower is finite.  It doesn't last for very long.

So what next?

How about a collaboration?

Everyone gets a seat at the table.

Everyone is heard.

Decisions are made on who takes the lead.

Someone is in charge of identifying red flags.

Someone else in charge of discerning whether they are red flags you can handle or red flags that should be avoided.

Both run through the filter of 'does this serve the accomplishment of my goal?'

A goal that is already done.  In the future.  By you.

Oh!  Let's ask her.

What does she think about where you are now?  

What would she say to you?

Maybe it's "stay the course, you are on the right track."

Or, "get moving, I can't wait forever."

Bring her into the conversation.  

She is the only one who knows exactly how you did it.

Use her to paint the path.

Use the other parts to navigate the journey.

She is waiting.

What you want is waiting.

Who you become is inevitable.

Get started.




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