Awareness and Grace for your Rulebooks

Oct 24, 2022

In this final week of our Monthly Self Trust Challenge on the rulebooks we have for ourselves, we introduce grace, patience and compassion to this new awareness.

You may notice that you have rules that don't line up with your values and are not supporting you in creating the results you want.  

And yet you may be holding tight to them anyway.

This is completely normal. 

This is new awareness that does not need to be pushed or rushed into radical change. 

It's awareness that, alone, can create a crack to change and choice.

A crack that can be expanded over time. 

One that can invite new choices in.

Change, over time, fueled by grace and compassion is lasting.

It's contrary to our tendency to push and shove ourselves to change. 

Contrary to relying on willpower and pressure.

And it works! (it feel a whole lot better, too)

Allow yourself to sit in the awareness for awhile.  You may start noticing rules you have for others as well.

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