Breaking Rules: Releasing Blocks to Your Success

Jul 26, 2023

Whether you're a devoted rule follower or someone who likes to challenge the status quo, rules play a part in what you give yourself permission to do or not do. Let's explore how designing rules that promote goal success and releasing those that hold us back can lead us to true self-trust and success.

The Sneaky Rules We Live By

We all have rules we follow, consciously or unconsciously, which either propel us forward or hinder our progress. Some rules are valuable and serve us well, while others may be quietly sabotaging our aspirations. Identifying these sneaky rules is crucial for unlocking our true potential.

To uncover these hidden rules, ask yourself two powerful questions regarding your goal: "Why haven't I accomplished this already?" and "What is going to get in the way of me accomplishing this?" By delving into these inquiries, you may unearth rules like "you have to focus on one thing at a time" or "you have to leave work at work" or even "you can't leave the house without makeup on".  They may sound great or harmless, but without questioning them, they could be doing damage or limiting you in ways otherwise unclear.  Recognizing these rules is the first step to breaking free from any constraints.

Questioning and Assessing the Rules

Once we've exposed the rules, it's essential to question their validity and assess how well they align with our values and goals. Take the example of the rule "you have to focus on one thing at a time." This rule might seem universally applicable, but upon closer inspection, it could be holding you back if you have multiple projects that require attention.

Ask yourself specific questions about the rule to gain clarity. What does it truly mean to focus on one thing at a time? Is it about dealing with one task at a particular moment or completing one project before moving on to the next? By breaking down the rule, you can understand its implications better and determine whether it supports your journey, or works against it.

Empowering Guidelines for Success

As we uncover the limitations of certain rules, we can empower ourselves by replacing them with flexible and empowering guidelines. Instead of rigidly adhering to "you have to focus on one thing at a time," redefine it in a way that works for you.  Perhaps you decide to "Focus on one thing for a scheduled length of time with breaks in between before moving on to the next thing."

This subtle shift in perspective gives you the freedom to concentrate on one task without fearing that other projects will suffer. The new guideline embraces your uniqueness, aligns with your goals, and encourages a productive rhythm tailored to your preferences.  Think, what would work for me?  What would support me and the accomplishment of this goal?  

Embracing Self-Trust on Your Journey

By examining, questioning, and redesigning the rules we live by, we pave the way for self-trust and empowerment on our journey to success. Remember, self-trust isn't about blindly following external rules; it's about being your own rule creator. Embrace your uniqueness and craft guidelines that genuinely serve you and your aspirations.  How you work and what's important to you.


I encourage you to take away these powerful insights. Question the rules you are following, identify the ones that no longer serve you, assess their relevance to your goals and how you best work, and release limiting rules in favor of empowering guidelines that propel you forward.

Always remember that self-trust is built on embracing your authentic self and working with your unique qualities. So, keep breaking those rules that no longer serve you and design a path to achievement that aligns with your values and aspirations. Together, let's embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and boundless possibilities!

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