Oct 12, 2021

Certainty is never certain.

 We don’t get that.

 We get probabilities.

 We get odds in our favor

 And odds that aren’t in our favor

 We get chances

Some we take

Some we don’t

 We get reasons to celebrate

We get reasons to mourn

 In all of it we get choice

Choice to choose what we do with it all

 How we handle it

How we don’t

 Choice in everything

 Everything is a choice.

 Especially how we show up

How we think



 What we create

 Choice is our greatest gift

Our greatest challenge

 What will you do with your choices today?

 What is your vision for your future?

 Not having one is a choice to live by default.

 Choose differently.

 Choose to live by your design.

 On purpose.

And make every choice in service of that vision.

 You can

We can


 Learn How Here.

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