Do you play the Life Will Be Better When/If Game?

Mar 01, 2022

Do you play the "Life will be better if" game?

Life would be better if
* my boss was not a jerk
* my employees had a better work ethic
* my customers were better understanding

This often leads to the "life will be better when" game.

Life will be better when
* I get the promotion
* I get the raise
* I have more people on my team

But here's the thing.... NOW IS PART OF GETTING TO THERE!

Waiting to be happy when, and if, certain things happen; is putting your happiness in the future.

It's prolonging the time without happiness.

I'm not suggesting not wanting these things.
I'm not suggesting not having goals and dreams.

In fact, I could goal set and achievement plan with you ALL day! It's one of my favorite things.

What I am offering, is an invitation to see NOW as an important part to getting there.

And getting there is so much more effective when you are not running away from here.

So much more fun!

Can you picture the future version of you that has the promotion, the raise, the awesome team?

If you can, go ahead and entertain the fact that it is good as DONE!

Then, you get to relax in the knowing and decide what you want that journey from here to there to look like.

Do you want it to look like stress and fear and worry?

Or, do you want it to look like fun and ease and accomplishment?

The choice is yours. It is coming soon, and how soon, depends on which you choose.

Now, if you can't picture a future where you have what you want, that is not a problem either.

It is an opportunity to start building that vision- checking in with what you really want and start seeing it as possibility.

Instead of playing the "life will be better if/ when game" start playing the "Life is amazing and keeps getting better" game.

Keep going. What is the alternative?


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