Fearless vs. Careless and Certainty in the Uncertain

Nov 09, 2021
Fearless is a misnomer and Certainty is what I strive for.
Recently a group of peers and myself were catching up and the discussion led to two interesting questions.
What feeling best describes you now?
What feeling would you most want to develop?
Discussing feelings may seem "off" to some of you, but I encourage you to at least consider this for yourself.
Feelings are what drive our actions. What we do, what we don't do. What we try or avoid. How we react, respond or resist in any given situation.
So knowing what feelings drive the actions you need to take in order to create the results you want; is pretty important.
For me, the feeling I have most at the ready is fearless.
I love that... now.
I didn't used to love that about myself. I thought it was careless.
Why did I just jump? Why did I rip the bandage off and take the "do now, question later" approach?
When other were contemplating. Deliberating. Taking their time.
I probably made more mistakes.
Many were probably unecessary.
But I also gained experience, FAST.
I also grew the muscle of surviving failure.
Gained valuable data for each next decision (some I listened to, some I didn't).
What I now know is that I was creating the ability to fail forward.
Which makes it not careless at all.
There was a lot of care... that is what kept me going.
AND there was a lot of fear.
Not fear-less at all!
Fear is ever present... and it can be.
I let it come along for the ride; but I never (well almost) let it drive.
Because I know that whatever happens, I've got my back.
I can handle it.
And I do.
It's not always pretty but it always opens me up to something new.
About me. About what's possible. About what's next.
Which ties into the feeling I most want to build.. Certainty.
Not in what will happen.
Not in how it will happen.
We often can't know these things in the beginning.
Certainty that it's all happening for me.
Even when it feels completely the opposite.
Maybe even especially when it feels the opposite.
Certainty that whatever comes my way, I can handle it.
Fearless, while still a misnomer, is something I have.  
I can reach for it whenever I need it. 
Build on it with the realization of what it is and what it helps me create.
Certainty is something I want to cultivate.
A feeling I think helps me move forward when things are uncertain.
What feeling most describes you now?
What feeling do you wish you felt more of?
Pay attention to what you feel.
Get curious about how it drives what you do and don't do.
What do you have that you can build on?  Think about differently?
What feeling do you think, if cultivated, could get you moving when part of you doesn't want to?

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