Having Confidence with New Things

Mar 03, 2021

During a coffee chat with a lovely new contact I was asked how she could be confident in this new venture.  Our discussion sparked this recorded response formulated to help whoever it can.

Remember that confidence comes from taking action.  Once you do something several times, you become confident.  Think, brushing your teeth, pouring a glass of water or some other activity that you were not born doing but later developed an ability for that seems second nature.

Self confidence, on the other hand, is a belief.  A practiced thought.  And you get to choose it.  Think going skiing and falling down, getting back up and continuing on.  You don't make it mean anything about you.  You don't admonish yourself.  You have your own back.

Choose self confidence and build confidence.  The more you do this, the easier it gets.

The easier it gets, the more you are willing to try and do.

It's a win, win!  You feel better and the world gets more of your magic.



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