I Don't Know is a lie

Oct 27, 2021

I don't know feels like a reflex response sometimes. 

It just seems to flow out.

It's always a lie.  

You do know.  

But if you have practiced it for some time, it's not only a habit, it creates something way more disruptive.

It keeps you focused on what you do not know.

And it keeps you from seeing what you do know.  What you can figure out.

It becomes a struggle between what you want and what you think is possible.

An internal battle.  

This battle says "I want this, but..."

  • I don't know where to start.
  • It's too hard.
  • I can't do this. 

But the truth is you do.  It's not.  You can.

This is where trust and discernment come into play.

Discern what is true.

Trust that you can figure it out.

It's not natural.

Nothing new and different ever is.

But it can be developed.

You can build the skill of discernment. 

You can build the muscle of self trust.

Not trust that you will do everything  perfectly.

Trust that you will figure it out.

Trust that you can handle whatever comes up.

Staying in "I don't know" means staying stuck.  Not knowing.

It is a tug of war and you are stuck in the middle, feeling confused.  Stagnant.

Self trust and discernment is how we solve for "I don't know" .

It's how we solve for stuck and fear based thinking.  

If you are ready to free yourself of the confines of "I don't know", schedule a call.

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