Getting in Your Own Way?

Feb 07, 2024
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Understanding the Narrative

Let's dissect what we're actually saying when we claim to be getting in our own way. Have you ever found yourself muttering, "I keep getting in my own way"? This narrative often emerges in the guise of self-sabotage or the belief that progress is inevitably followed by setbacks. It's a disheartening story that makes you the problem and places the solution frustratingly out of reach.

Fueling the Idea

This disempowering tale can lead to a dangerous cycle of self-fulfilling prophecies. The more we tell ourselves that we are the obstacle, the more evidence we find to support this claim. It's a trap where we start believing there's no way forward, leading us to retreat into the familiar or overcomplicate what we're good at. The quest to find what's wrong with us becomes a futile, energy-draining pursuit.  

The Scintillating Truth

The transformative truth lies in a simple statement: You cannot get in your own way because YOU ARE THE WAY.  Say it out loud: "I am the way." Your journey, with all its twists and turns, is yours to navigate. You make decisions and choices based on circumstances, values, desires, and beliefs. Whether these decisions propel you toward your goals or create detours, it's still your way.  And you can shift course whenever you choose.

How to Never Get in Your Own Way Again

Challenge the disempowering story every time it surfaces. When you hear, "I'm getting in my own way," respond with "I am the way." Shift your focus from questioning why you can't figure things out to asking, "What is my next best step?" Avoid entertaining questions that suggest you are a problem. You are never a problem, and the solution resides within you.

Declare with confidence that you are the way to your goals. Challenge the disempowering story that suggests otherwise. Recognize the power in every decision you make, understanding that your journey is uniquely yours, complete with challenges and triumphs. Instead of avoiding difficulties, embrace them as part of your journey. You are the way to whatever you want, and every step is a meaningful part of your path forward.

Embrace the scintillating truth: You are the way.  Explore how this truth can fundamentally shift your perspective and empower you to navigate challenges with confidence and purpose. Your goals are within reach because you are the way to achieving them.

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