Make Confidence Your Goal, Not a Prerequisite

Feb 14, 2024
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Today, let's delve into a common sentiment expressed by many when asked about executing on their goals: the need for confidence. It's a familiar refrain: "I need to feel confident." Confidence is undoubtedly a powerful ally, but what if it's not the essential starting point? What if we shifted our perspective and saw confidence not as a prerequisite but as a beautiful byproduct?

🚀 The Two Faces of Confidence
Confidence wears two faces. One arises from doing, from experience, practice, and learning. The other stems from our unique perspective, how we interpret situations, and how we measure ourselves against the task at hand. If we tether our confidence solely to experience or practice, we find ourselves in a challenging position. It's like a loop: you need confidence to get things done, but it takes practice to build confidence.

🌈 The Role of Self-Trust
Enter self-trust. When we don't yet have the confidence that comes from experience and practice; self-trust reminds us of what we do have.  It invites us to trust in our ability to learn and grow and evolve.  To overcome and endure and triumph.  Self trust encourages us to embrace the newness, allowing for fear, doubt, and worry without labeling them as problems so that there is also room for hope, promise, and belief. Instead of yielding the floor to fear- based possibility, self-trust opens the stage for all sides of possibility. It reminds you of your strength, resilience, history of triumphs, and the ability to overcome challenges.

🗣️ Create a Dialogue with Self-Trust
The key to activating self-trust is engaging in a dialogue that gives equal airtime to all sides of the story. By avoiding predicting the future through a single lens of fear or disbelief, you create a clearer picture for how you want to move forward. One more aligned with the results you want to create.  This process began the moment you set your goal and crafted a plan backed by belief.  Tapping into that belief when the fear, disbelief and doubt come up instead of letting them take over is how you continue to move forward regardless of your level of confidence.  

💪 Confidence is a Journey, Not a Destination
Confidence, of the kind rooted in belief, was available when you committed to your goal. If it wasn't, hope was enough to set the journey in motion. But whether there was strong belief or a healthy dose of hope, commitment to a new goal or habit often comes with fear, doubt, or worry.  It's so natural that you can even expect it, welcome it if you will; but don't let it be the final say. Remind yourself of what else is true,mainly that the desired results that started you on this path in the first place are just as possible now as they were then.   And then draw on courage, determination, or tenacity—whatever fuels action, building experience, knowledge, and skills.

🔄 Building Confidence: A Continuous Process
Building confidence is not a one-time event; it's a continuous process. Keep moving forward. Create a dialogue with yourself to answer thoughts of fear and doubt. Instead of viewing them as adversaries or the entire truth, expect them. Remind yourself of your commitment and capabilities. Understand that confidence is not necessary to build confidence, and it's 100% available to you. Maybe your confidence-building feeling is courage.

Make confidence a goal, not a prerequisite. Reach for commitment first. Expect fear, worry, or nervousness; answer with hope, possibility and belief.  Draw on courage to step into action so that you can practice, create capability, and watch as confidence naturally unfolds. Trust in your ability to try, learn, execute, and repeat your way to success. 


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