Are you Overthinking It?

Dec 13, 2019

Does this sound familiar? 

You have this amazing idea, you know the concept is brilliant and do-able.  You are truly excited about it and start working feverishly to bring it to life.  All of a sudden, you get this small twinge of doubt and you hear a voice that says, "Can I really do this?".  At first you dismiss it and, in the excitement of putting it to paper, you are able to push on.  You start to map out the resources you will need and the people who will see it first.  But it needs tweaking before anyone else can see it, right?  That is when you realize that doubt didn't go anywhere and it has now turned into fear.  Fear of failure combined with a rising lack of confidence knocks you down- but you are able to keep going.  You are still working tirelessly but you are in constant revision mode and it never quite gets ready enough to share or take to the next step.  Eventually, you are working on it less until you think "This probably isn't even as good of an idea as I thought." Finally, you give up.  

It happens far too often.  Fear and lack of confidence lead to inaction.  Self doubt is paralyzing.  That is why taking action is so important.  Taking any action towards your goal is better than being stuck in the overthinking paradigm which will inevitably lead to giving up.  Even the wrong action is better than inaction because then you know something you didn't know before.  It becomes a lesson that is likely less expensive than never trying and provides a path to the next right step. 

Taking action is proven to enhance confidence and lead to further action.  A step by step approach of action towards any goal, is more likely to succeed.  Pair that with a belief that you can succeed and you will succeed.  

So take that idea you have and act.  Don't overthink.  

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