Self Integrity

Oct 27, 2020

Do you have self integrity?  

Making decisions from your higher brain and having your own back is living in self integrity.

 It's learning to make decisions from a place of deliberate thought.  It is liking your reasons for making those decisions and then standing by them.  Even when your lower brain says, "Better not, that seems uncomfortable."

Your higher brain has put a lot of thought into making decisions that you deem good for you such as eating right, asking for the raise, meditating or going after a new job or business.  And then when its time to act, along comes your lower brain, who is all about safety and comfort.

I call that part of my brain, Maude.  Maude, my paternal grandmother (may she rest in peace), was a character.   I am not 100% certain she always meant to be as funny as she was but she was brash and direct and lovely.  I loved her very much.  Still do.

Like my Gram (what everyone called her), my Maude brain is only trying to protect me.  This is all fine and good except there is no real danger and the other side of discomfort is where all the magic happens.⠀So it's completely caring but also a bit old fashioned and completely risk averse. 

My higher brain, however, knows that some risks are super fun and have tremendous rewards.  My higher brain knows that even if I fail, I win.  That with every chance I take, I am building a self trust and confidence that can only come from belief in self and wellbeing.  

It helps to know that my Maude brain is coming from a loving place, and with that knowledge, I can lovingly thank her for her input and continue on with my higher brain's plans.  

There is no need to argue the merits of staying safe and comfortable.  

No need to think I shouldn't be having those thoughts.

No need to reconsider the original decisions.  

Just know she is there and going to pop in, on a fairly regular basis, and offer some old fashioned overprotective thoughts.  Expect it.  Then, gently says "Thank you, Maude (or your lower brain name of choice) but that is not necessary or appropriate at this time."

Then carry on with your plans.  Feel the discomfort.  Feel the pride for having your own back.  Feel the positive expectation for accomplishment.

Feel the self trust and confidence build.  

You are in self integrity.


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