When Beliefs Go Wrong

Sep 21, 2021

20  years ago I watched a movie that stuck with me.

It's not even a great movie.

But one sentiment has grounded me in curiosity ever since.

The  movie was Dogma and the quote from the character, played by Chris Rock when questioned about beliefs is

"I think it's better to have ideas. You can change an idea. Changing a belief is trickier..."

This has actually carried me through many times when people I love and know are amazing differ in their views and values from mine.  

It's helped me when I have been so convicted in how something should be handled at work and then someone else offers another option.

And it helped me tremendously when I started looking at who I am and who I want to be.

Because one, so many of us don't even ask, "Who am I?"

And two, when we do, what comes out is always who we think we are based on 

  • what other people have told us
  • what we think other people think
  • our past behaviors
  • our past accomplishments
  • our past failures

We adopt these opinions and past-focused ideas so firmly that they become habits.

And those habit thoughts then become beliefs.

And the character in the movie is right, "changing a belief is trickier..."

People will literally start wars to support a belief.  

Even if it's not good.  

Because once it is firmly planted as a belief, anything to the contrary is a threat.

A threat of being wrong.

Of having to change.

Of being ostricized.


Then the fear comes....

"What does it mean if I 'm not a Perfectionist?" Or High Achiever?  Or Procrastinator?

It means you get to the root of who you truly are

....without the judgement

....without the criticism

....without the shame, blame, guilt of the past

It means separating what you do from who you are.

And then choosing who you want to be from that clean slate.

So that you can drop the weight and limitations of the past and start creating the now and future you want.

It's so fun!


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