The Worst Emotion

Nov 10, 2020
What is your most dreaded emotion? It could be dread.
It could be loneliness or powerlessness or fear or insecurity.
For me, it is shame. It is disappointment in myself.
It resembles me disagreeing with me. Judging myself and thinking I should have said or done something different.
That I should be different.

“The real difficulty is to overcome how you think about yourself.” – Maya Angelou

It's an internal dissonance between knowing that mistakes happen and do not define me and feeling the need to punish myself for making them. 
Many of our so-called worst emotions come from mistakes, bad choices, fear and failures.  But these things are all a part of life. 
An opportunity to live a Big.  Full. Life.  
When we let them fester, however, we lose the ability to reap the benefits they offer.  
When we focus on the terrible emotion and the compounding effects of judgement we miss out on the lessons provided.  
The new information that gives clarity on
  • what you don't want 
  • what you do want
  • what you will do
  • what you won't do

All of which create a clearer direction on your next steps forward.  

When we can look at these "worst" emotions as guides and experiences to be had; they become tools to be used.  


What if the worst emotion you can feel is actually just a vibration in your body? 

What does that change for you? 

What will you be willing to experience? 

What will you be wiling to do?

When we realize that we have the power to experience them and take what we need; we can leave the rest behind.  

We can leave the self judgement, the disappointment, the spinning in regret and the avoidance behind.  

Now, when I feel my "worst" emotion of shame; I feel it.  I notice how it feels in my body.  I pull the facts from the situation and I realize it is over.  

I look at it like data. 

Lean in and gather everything I can use.  The rest is brushed aside.  

All while I continue moving forward.

So can you.  For the exact tool I use, visit & download here.


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