Are you caught in the Thick of Thin things?

Aug 18, 2021

Have you ever heard this saying? 

Being caught in the thick of thin things.

It’s new to me and perfectly representative of what I see so many people do, particularly at work. 

Personally, I remember being both busy and bored. 

This saying seems to describe this - being busy with things that don’t actually matter or contribute to what you really want to create. 

Being caught up in the gossip, politics, trying to make people feel better.

Making decisions and choices based on what is "necessary" in the moment.

Not considering what is good for the long term effects you want to create.

The bigger picture of what you want for your life.

My client, Jackie, is struggling with the details.  She has a beautiful picture of what she is trying to create- helping others feel better at work.

But her daily activities are geared towards anything but.

She has drama about how she needs to look.

What other people will think.

Spinning in what will go wrong.

All the while there are people out there that need her help.

If this seems familiar and you want to know how it applies to your specific situation, hop on a no obligation call with me.

Together, we worked on tapping into her future vision of helping others and building an action plan that fed into that vision.

Using that vision as an anchor helped her create the self concept she needs to take the action to help the people that need what she offers.

To reduce the confusion, overhwelm and get moving.

Doubt and worry are natural and can come along for the ride.  

You just don't have to let them drive.

What is it that you truly want?

If you are caught up in the thick of thin things, you may not even be able to access what you want.  

Or maybe you know exactly what it is but it feels impossible to find the time.

I can help.

The truth is, it is so much easier to get caught up in the thick of thin things than to constrain your focus.  

I totally get it.

It's so much easier to talk about not having enough time than to  make time.

It's infinitely more comfortable to think there is no other way.

But there is.  

There are so many other ways.

All available to you.

If you are wondering what that means for you, schedule a free call.

Get purposeful about what you create.

Be in the thick of thick things.

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