You Are Not Unhappy Because You Don't Have What You Want

Jan 20, 2020

You are not unhappy because you don't have what you want.  That statement may sound contradictory or just plain wrong.  You may think, "of course, not having what I want makes me unhappy."  You may even have "worked so hard" to get what you want and you "still don't have it" and that sucks.  Both those types of thoughts, unfortunately, are not serving you well. And neither are getting you closer to getting what you want.  

The fact of the matter is, that feelings of unhappiness and without-ness can breed more of the same.  If your greatest desire is a loving partner, continued worry that it will never come, is not going to help you attract your loving partner.  If more money is what you want, living in fear about not having it or enough of it, is not going to get more money into your bank account.  These negative feelings and thoughts, if let linger, can turn into beliefs and actualities.  

Recently, I had a client who was in a conundrum about a situation in her business.  She had been wanting to grow her business and had tried many tactics.  During a very busy time, she had a client that placed an order for an event and then, throughout the event, made several last minute additions and changes.  All of these additions and changes naturally meant additional charges to her client.   When it came time to invoice her client, she sent the original invoice for the work and was torn up about whether to discount the last minute additions and changes.  Ultimately, after our time together, she invoiced for the full amount.  Her client was happy to pay it and did so immediately with no questions or changes.  Of course, my client was thrilled.

What happened between the worry and the end result?  My client had made up a story in her head that was not real.  Her thoughts were centered around not having.  There were some money mindset practices that needed to be worked on as well.  But the real turning point was changing her thoughts from devaluing her company to valuing her company which has had many positive impacts since and I imagine will for the foreseeable future.   

Our thoughts are very powerful and, believe it or not, we can control them.  If you can't find one positive thing to think about a current situation, think about something that you can think positively about.  It could be a simple as the softness of your pajamas.  Then, when you are in a more positive mindset, turn your attention back to the situation and see if you have a different perspective.   

It takes work and action to fix your thoughts but it is well worth it when you are attracting things through positive energy and love.  That is the way to move forward with inspired action and get what you want.

So the truth is that you are not unhappy because you don't have what you want; you don't have what you want because you are unhappy.  

Be Happy!


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