Choosing Regret

Sep 05, 2022

We are here with our first challenge of the month.  And this month's self trust challenge is all about regret.

Regret is often a disconnect from ourselves.  An admonishment.  Telling ourselves that we did something wrong and that is not okay.

What regret really is... is a choice.  And sometimes we want to choose it.  And sometimes it doesn't feels like a choice.  

And everytime we get to choose whether we use it to create more connection or less connection with ourselves.  

And that is what we will do this month- learn how to unlearn the normal pattern of regret to create one of connection and growth.

This week's challenge is to start identifying where you are choosing regret and where you haven't chosen regret.

That's it.  Watch the short 5 minute video to learn:

  • Why we choose regret
  • How we know it is a choice
  • Start recognizing where you are choosing it

Watch the video and start opening up to regret as a choice.  

I'd love to hear your questions or what comes up for you.

Next week we will look at what else becomes possible if regret wasn't the only choice.

Happy Labor Day!


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