Coulda Shoulda Woulda

Aug 10, 2021
Today's video blog post is all about the difference between could, should and want to.
Why I share this with you is that oftentimes we find ourselves stating, with complete belief, that we should do something.
And sometimes we think we should do something because we can.
Many times when we say we should do something, or could do something, it doesn't mean we actually want to do that thing.
This is important because when we can become aware of the difference, and what we are telling ourselves with each; we can notice if it’s actually matching up to what we want to or not.
We can get curious about what we actually want to do and what we want to create which gives us so many more options.
So check out this blog video post today and learn how you can release the pressure and get curious about
what you can do.
what you should do.
what you want to do.
I give you a few options to consider right away.
And when you are ready to uncover what you truly want, schedule your free call.
I help you uncover what you want and then become the person who makes it a reality.

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