It's All a Mess

Jan 29, 2022

Sometimes work sucks.

Sometimes people don't do what you want them to.

Sometimes you don't do what you want to do.

The way you think it should be done.

In the time it should be done.

Sometimes it's just all a mess.


The world is imperfect.

People are imperfect.

You are imperfect.


This is the truth and there is so much peace in the truth.

So much peace in accepting this truth.

Accepting this truth means accepting yourself more. 

Accepting others more.

Accepting life more.

It's not giving up.  

It's not giving in.

It's not saying there is nothing you can do.

It's not saying you don't work for change, or more, or different.

It just means not fighting the truth.

Not thinking things should be perfect, easy, tidy and without challenge, pain, discomfort.

We are all imperfect. 

Life is imperfect.

Pretending and expecting anything else is exhausting.

It's all a mess and THAT IS OKAY!

Acceptance is key so that you can stop focusing on what you can't change and start uncovering what you can.

So that you can stop thinking something has gone wrong because it's not perfect.  

Because they are not perfect.

Because you are not perfect.

EXACTLY as it should be.  

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