It Starts with a Sentence in Your Brain

Mar 10, 2022

There is a secret that I wish I knew sooner.

It has become an important part in everything I have, and will, achieve since learning it.

It has been an important part to many people's achievements throughout time; known or not.

It is that what we believe matters.

And, we are only limited by what we believe is possible. 

But what is a belief? 

A belief is simply a thought that you have practiced.  A lot.

Perhaps it started with your parents.  It could be generations old.

It could have started when you were young and you spent the better part of your life collecting evidence to support it.

It could be something you heard from a trusted figure head and you never thought to question it.

Beliefs come in many forms from religious to monetary to political.

But where they impact you the most, and what I focus on, is beliefs about yourself.

About what is possible for you.

What you are capable of, etc.

A belief is a practiced thought. And a thought is a sentence in your brain.  

It seems involuntary.  And, without awareness, it is.

You have upwards of 60,000 sentences and phrases that run through your brain every single day, according to experts.  

Some are undetectable.  A lot are on repeat.  Unfortunately many are negative.

This may seem like no big deal. However, when you realize that every single achievement, result, creation and invention humans have brought into the world started with a thought; 


My mentor says "If you don't allow yourself to think, you can't create anything.  If you don't think on purpose, you won't create anything purposeful."

So of course, you can continue thinking by default and repeating the same level of achievements and be perfectly happy.

But, if you are reaching for more.  If you are searching for that next level of success, to create a greater impact, reach a goal, or even do the same thing while being happier; you probably want to listen up.

"Success is a state of mind.  If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success."- Dr. Joyce Brothers

When you think of your next goal for a promotion, greater impact, better experience or more money; what do you think?

Perhaps you create a laundry list of ways it won't work.

A list of things that are in your way.

That is great!  

This is super useful information because once you know what you are believing is in your way, you can start building strategies to overcome them.

The truth is that most of what you come up with will be

  1. based on past thinking (i.e. creates same results you already have)
  2. thoughts that feel like facts  (i.e. obstacles)

It's not easy to call these things out for yourself because you have practiced them and they feel 100% true.

And, they may be!

BUT they are NOT facts

   they are not serving you

          AND they are optional. 

You can make the decision to change.

You can believe something different on purpose.  

I can help.


And when you think and believe in a way that serves the results you want to create and the goals you want to achieve.... YOU WIN!

This includes your beliefs about you.

About your goals.

About anything.

And none of it requires the changing of facts- how other people think, feel and behave; past circumstances or current situations.

This is an important point...  Facts are facts; in the way that "I am a human." and "I have a brain."

Truths, on the other hand, are more subjective. They are choices.

Such as, "I am beautiful." or "I have a messy house."

Both could be true to some and not true to others who look at you or your house.  

Choice matters.

You get to choose what you think.   

You get to choose what you believe about anything.

If you don't choose deliberately, you will continue to create the results you currently have in different variations.

But, if you decide you are ready to create a different future, you need different thoughts to believe.

Something you have never believed before.

It can be uncomfortable and I can help.

Your old beliefs will resist the new ones.  

It's just easier to keep doing and believing the same things.

You have to practice and I can help.

I promise it is possible for you.

If you are ready to believe new things to achieve that next level of success, experience, impact or goal, Let's talk.

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