Mastering Permission: Moving Beyond Permissive

May 29, 2024
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In our journey towards success, there often arises a fundamental conflict between giving ourselves permission to pursue our goals and being permissive by succumbing to momentary distractions or impulses. This internal struggle, characterized by phrases like "I don't want to do this right now" or "I'd rather do something else," reflects a partial truth—one that warrants deeper exploration.

Understanding the Difference:

The distinction between giving ourselves permission and being permissive is subtle yet significant. While the former involves making a conscious choice for ourselves, the latter entails yielding to distractions or immediate gratification.  This is primarily in response to some form of resistance that arises as a response to discomfort or uncertainty associated with moving forward.

Unveiling the Partial Truth:

The notion of "I don't want to" often serves as a veil for deeper resistance to discomfort or unfamiliarity. It's a signal from our subconscious that something feels challenging or outside our comfort zone. However, this resistance doesn't negate our genuine desire to achieve our goals—it merely presents an opportunity to check in.  

Creating Space for Genuine Desires:

To navigate this internal conflict, we must create space for what we genuinely desire- both the result of the goal and comfort around the discomfort. This involves looking beyond the present moment's desire and forward to the desired end result.  Tapping into what is best for you both in the present moment and for the future. And acknowledging the discomfort as a normal part of the process, while creating comfort for ourselves in other ways than stopping.  So that we can move forward with greater clarity and purpose.

Four Actionable Steps Forward:

1. Expect Resistance:   Anticipate and acknowledge the resistance that arises when faced with unfamiliar or challenging tasks. Recognize it as a natural part of the process rather than a barrier to progress.

2. Remind Yourself of Your Why:  Reconnect with the underlying reasons driving your goals and aspirations. Keep your long-term vision in mind to maintain perspective and motivation.

3. Develop a Comfort Plan:  Honor your need for comfort while still moving forward towards your goals. Identify strategies to create comfort in the midst of discomfort, whether it's taking short breaks, practicing mindfulness, or creating a conducive work environment.

4. Embrace Forward Momentum:  Approach progress with love and acceptance rather than resistance. Champion your goals and aspirations, trusting in your ability to navigate challenges and overcome obstacles along the way.

The journey towards achieving our goals often involves navigating internal conflicts and overcoming resistance. By giving ourselves permission to pursue what we truly want, even in the face of discomfort, we can move forward with confidence and clarity. Remember, progress isn't always linear, but each step forward brings us closer to realizing our dreams.

Give yourself permission to achieve and be what you truly want.  Here's to championing your goals and embracing the journey towards your desired future.

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