Match Game Time

Oct 17, 2022

This week we are taking those rules and values and matching them up!

Except some won't match.

And that is fantastic.

Those are the rules we want to question.  

Do these rules support or inhibit the values you hold dear?

Do they add to or subtract from the values you deem important?

Can adjustments be made to those rules that don't support your values?

If not, can they be eliminated?

Sometimes rules are created in response to a particular situation.  

And then universally applied without question to whether, or not, it fits universally.  

Now is the time to question it.

Do these rules fit?

Do they make sense?

Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe sometimes.  

Which ones do I want to continue choosing deliberately?

Which ones do I want to stop choosing deliberately?

There is nothing wrong with having rules.  

Just make sure they are you rules that support you!

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