No Question Unanswered

Jan 24, 2024
a box on either side of the room is being held open by a single hand. out of one box question marks are floating out meeting in the middle with what the other box is letting out, lightbulbs

Today, we're diving into that maze of questions that often hijack our goals. You know the ones—those nagging uncertainties that can single-handedly derail your journey towards success.

The Downward Spiral of Unanswered Questions

Picture this scenario: You set a thrilling goal, ready to conquer the world, but then come the questions. What if I fail? What if I'm not capable enough? Left unanswered, these questions begin a downward spiral, slowly eroding your confidence and turning aspirations into apprehensions.

They become statements:  I may fail.  I may not be capable enough.

As these doubts go unanswered, they form alliances—gathering friends and evidence—that your mind uses to validate these fears, often regardless of their actual relevance. Suddenly, you're embroiled in a conflict between your desires and the unchecked whispers of doubt.

Answering Doubt: The Game-Changer

Here's the game-changing move: answering these questions. Actively confronting these doubts transforms them into intentional, self-supporting responses. When I encountered doubts about my ambitious goal within The Self Trust Lab, I started to address them head-on. This shift of focus from doubt to intentional belief was transformative.  Instead of allowing the question "How am I ever going to do this?" to turn into the default "I don't think I am ever going to do this"; I answered the question- One awesome human at a time.  

By answering these questions purposefully, you redirect your mind's focus. Instead of dwelling on doubts, you align your thoughts with supportive beliefs, building momentum and generating positive evidence to propel you toward your goals.

My aim to support 1000 women in The Self Trust Lab was riddled with doubts (especially because at the time I only had 7 people in The Self Trust Lab), but I've learned to view these questions as gentle reminders to believe in myself, my clients, and our collective objectives. It reminds me that the path to 1000 starts with 1.

The Q&A Party for Goal Pursuit

Unanswered questions never remain unanswered.  They have a habit of finding answers in ways that often don't serve your ultimate goal. Hosting your Q&A party is key—ensuring that your responses and the supporting evidence are in line with your aspirations, fueling your progress.

  1. Identify Lingering Doubts: Pinpoint the unanswered questions that breed doubt and divert focus from your goals.

  2. Intentional Answers: Actively respond to these questions with intentional, self-supporting answers.

  3. Embrace Evidence: Let supporting friends and evidence reinforce your intentional responses, driving you forward.

Remember, no question ever remains unanswered. So make sure the answers your questions receive align with your journey and empower your goals, rather than creating more obstacles.

My goal is for you to never leave a question unanswered but to make sure the answers are intentional and propel you forward toward your goals.

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