Remove the Layers of Limitation

Jul 15, 2021

I had dinner with a friend recently and we discussed possibility.

She is of the mindset that there are limitations to what is available to us.

I am of the mindset that anything is possible.

Everything we truly want (let's leave super powers and such out of this) is possible.  

She thinks I look at life through rose colored glasses. 

I admit that to be true but I also have never seen more clearly the danger and hurt in the world. 

Over the last few months I have hosted a webcast show called Best Kept Secrets where I interview survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking.  These people have been through unspeakable violence and loss of personal freedoms.  

Yet, I still know posibility to be true.  In fact, more so because of what these incredible humans have survived and now made possible for themselves, and others, as they build thriving lives of service.

See we aren't naturally preconditioned to limit ourselves. 

We add that on as we experience judgement, predjudice, loss, failure and fear throughout our lives.

Traumas big and small.

We tell ourselves we are making "too big of a deal of it" or "others have been through worse" and on goes another layer of limitation.

We say I'm overreacting or just naturally lazy or have "always' had trouble making decisions... and another layer is added.

It's various versions of Something is wrong with me, I'm missing something.

Or wishing you were different, better.

And we are!  

We just need to remove the layers of limitation that weren't ours to wear in the first place.  

Layers that, at some point, may have been necessary.  Safe, purposeful.

If that time and purpose are complete.... let's start peeling them off.

Shed them to reveal the true you where possibility may just be your norm as well.

Join me next Wednesday for Self Concept Makeover to get started.

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