What if you were right the first time?

Nov 23, 2021

One of the side effects of a lack of self trust is second guessing.

Second guessing your decisions.

Your motives.

Your intuition.

It's often accompanied by some form of "it's not good enough" or "it's not right enough" or "it's not the right time."

All of which results in more time, and more energy, not moving forward.

What is fascinating about all of this second guessing is so often, the original decision was the right decision.

When you do decide to move forward, you get the information you need that either creates the result or directs the next decision to get there.

I see this in clients (and myself) all of the time.

What actually happened in that time between?

Generally it is nothing more than frustration, self doubt and self judgement.

More time passing.

More reasons to wait collected.

More ways it won't work decided.

And then you SNAP OUT OF IT!

Maybe because you are just tired of thinking about it.

Maybe because you see no other option.

Which, by the way, is no surprise since you spent the entire time focused on what could go wrong.

Giving very little, or no, air time to all that could go right.

But the best news is that you don't have to know all the ways it could or could not work.
You don't need to be in full belief in  the outcome, or even yourself.

Doubt is welcome.

AND curiosity can join the party.

It just means asking different questions.

Instead of just "What if it doesn't work?", "What if I can 't do it?", "What if this isn't the right decision?"; you start also asking:

"How can this be the best decision?"

"What if it's even better than I expected?"

"Why is this the perfect time to make this decision?"

"What if I can believe and doubt at the same time?"

"How can I decide ahead of time that this is going to work?"

If you knew you could take curiosity along with your doubt, what would change about your ability to make a decision and stick with it?

Perhaps you still second guess.... not a problem.

Perhaps you still have doubt... not a problem.

For sure you give equal time to what could go right.

Maybe you even reduce the time spent second guessing.

Maybe increase the fun.

Boost your self trust.

Give it a try.

Self trust is not making the perfect decision every time.  It's knowing you can make the decisions and have your own back no matter what result you create.  It's knowing you can keep going until you create what you want.

Start by adding in curiosity and if you want speedier results, reach out.

You are always more right than you think.



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