The Time for Hope

Jun 01, 2023


I love hope.  

To me hope is positive expectation.  

It’s wishing for an outcome you are uncertain is possible. 

Hope is necessary when choice isn’t available.  

I think about this a lot as I watch a dear loved one struggle with the after effects of a stroke. 

Where choice is available, you better believe the determination and work is behind it 1000%.

Evident in the dedication to the various in-home and outpatient therapies.  And diligent at-home practice.

But there is this unknown factor where choice is not given.

And, by some doctors, outright refuted.

Certainly with no ill intent.  Not meaning to dash hope but rather to prepare.

But prepare for what?  Acceptance?  Maybe.  But, man, does that NOT feel right.  And I know exactly why.  

 Because often we think of acceptance as giving up.  

We think of acceptance as removing hope.

But it isn’t. 

Or it doesn’t have to be.

Acceptance is more of a shift.

It’s shifting the fight from against reality to a fight towards how you want to move forward.

And hope remains a beautiful driver for all the choice-points    

It can fuel fierce determination.  

It can fuel an openness to receive guidance and help and love...and possibility.

Possibility that can’t be seen when focused on what was.

 Possibility is never in the past.  

The past is for acceptance, the future is for possibility.  

And the present is the perfect place for hope.


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