Turn Stuck into Start

Dec 10, 2019

We all get stuck at some time and in some parts of our  lives.  What we wanted when we started our journey is not always what unfolds to be true later on. How many people wished to be a ballerina, fire fighter or doctor as a child later to become an investment broker, accountant or teacher?  Years, life experience and personal growth lead to changes in desires, goals and preferences.  These changes can be important for development and finding our true passion.  Personal and career development continues past the choice and establishment of a career.  We have the opportunity to continuously grow through experiences and relationships which can lead to feeling stuck in our current situations.  A person, well established in their career, may find this feeling to be un-actionable.  Most people can not start their lives over mid-career, nor do they want to, just because they have a feeling of unhappiness or stuck.  Everyone, though, deserves to be happy.  The good news is that there are actionable ways to feel fulfilled without losing ground.  To become unstuck with out starting over.  In other words, we can choose to stay true to the work we have done and be open to the possibilities for growth and change.  We can also create growth and change.  Your path to-date can be the foundation for your path to the future of your dreams. It just takes a clear path and action. Start now.

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