Want More

Dec 10, 2019

We often feel that wanting more is ignoring or feeling ungrateful for what we have.  That is the type of "life excuse" that we can and should erase.  Gratitude is key but should not be used as a reason to feel guilty about wanting more.  In fact, gratitude can be essential in manifesting the reality you want. 

Now, don't get me wrong, you can not just think your way into having everything you want.  There is definitely work involved.  But just like having a positive attitude combined with medicine has been proven to be more successful to cure illness; so can taking action while envisioning the end result bring you to living your desired reality.  You are worthy and deserve to have everything you want; and as long as you are willing to do the work to get it and believe that you deserve to have it- it is within your power and your right. 

Now, there are those of you that feel like it is selfish to want more.  Maybe you think all of your focus should be on your children, your spouse, your employees.  Maybe you think that good is good enough or you focus on others that have less.  Thinking that way is not selfless or noble.  It is another "life excuse". 

We are better caregivers, partners, leaders, bosses, friends, human beings, when we take care of ourselves.  If we are happy, fulfilled members of society, then of course we make better contributions to others with our time and focus. 

In reality, there are so many instances where it is advisable to take care of ourselves to better take care of others.  The most glaring example is on an airplane- think oxygen mask first scenario.  It is not selfish. Want more now.

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