What is your goal identity?

Jun 02, 2021
What is your goal identity?
Do you love them or hate them
Set them or refuse to set them
Follow through or don't follow through
Most people know their tendencies towards goals.
Or, think they do.
I'd like to offer that you set and achieve goals all of the time.
Some you do so naturally, you don't even recognize it.
Things like taking out the garbage and bringing the can to the street on pick up days.
Or doing the grocery shopping for the week.
Or reaching out to friends, family and clients each week.
You maybe saying "Those are just things I do!"
Yes, but anything you set out to do and then complete is an accomplishment.
Ones that shouldn't be ignored.
The reason this is so important is that awareness and acknowledgement can bring clarity.
It can dispel some of the drama we add to what we haven't done and bring light to all we have.
Taking inventory of our achievements big and small can build momentum by shining a much needed light to what we are capable of.
How can you do this?
Make a list of all that you have accomplished over the last 30 days. Nothing is too small.
Include anything you planned to do (either in thought, spoken or written word) and then did.
Get it all out.
You may realize that you are actually really good at getting things done.
At setting and achieving goals.
This may lead to setting more goals.
Achieving more desired outcomes.
And it can start right now.
No need to look to your past.
Just decide today to look at all you HAVE achieved.
All you DO accomplish on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.
And start using that evidence to create new and bigger goals.
Want a new goal identity? It's yours for the having.
Need help seeing it and turning your ideas into reality?
Help getting over the fear and going after what you want?
That is what I do everyday.

Let's talk.

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