What's with the Tone? Your Inner Voice's Role in Goal Achievement.

May 08, 2024

**Mastering the Tone of Your Inner Dialogue: Empowering Your Business Journey**

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship and business leadership, the internal dialogue we carry with us often goes unexamined. Yet, it holds immense power in shaping our perceptions, reactions, and ultimately, our success. Let's dive into this often overlooked realm to understand how the tone of our inner dialogue can either empower or hinder our journey towards our business goals.

**Identifying the Tone of Your Internal Chatter**

How we hear our inner chatter influences how we perceive ourselves and our abilities. Whether it's critical, judgmental, or supportive, this internal dialogue can significantly impact our reactions and decisions. But that voice that seemingly whispers doubts, criticisms, or encouragements doesn't have it's own voice.  It doesn't carry it's own tone. 

**Understanding the Impact of Tone on Your Reactions and Decisions**

It's essential to recognize that our inner dialogue exists within the confines of our thoughts. Which means that the tone we hear is optional.  Customizable even.  The awareness of the current tone invites clarity to our interactions with, and our reactions to, this inner voice.  The recognition that the tone is optional, empowers us to choose how we perceive and receive that inner chatter. And it can begin by understanding the origin of this current tone- whether adopted or created, we can have compassion for it's influence and then decide whether to give it back, keep it, adapt it, or release it.

**Choosing and Shaping the Tone of Your Inner Dialogue**

We have the power to transform the tone of our inner chatter. And the benefit is to enhance our ability to discern truth from distortion and avoid spiraling into self-judgment. My personal experience with this has been life altering.  This is not an overstatement in the least.  I used to hear this inner chatter as accusatory and demeaning.  It was normal to hear "you are not good enough" in this tone.  My normal response was either defiant, "I'll show you"; or conciliatory, "you are right, I'll give up".  However when I made peace with the origin of this tone and came to the realization that all of me is for me and my goals; I was able to shift the tone of my internal chatter.  Now I hear these words differently, not as a bully but as that of a caring advisor.  "You are not good enough" no longer carries the same sting.  I hear it with curiosity for where I could use support and where I have growth opportunities.  It no longer means I'm not good or enough.  It just suggests I don't have to do it alone and there are lessons and growth opportunities I want to be open to along the way.  No longer a stop sign and no longer a need to defy a part of myself, I move forward without all of the answers, but with an openness to learning them along the way.   

Check in with the tone of your internal chatter. Is it supportive or critical? Experiment with tones that enhance listening and learning. Recognize that your inner dialogue doesn't have to be a burden or adversary.  It can, infact, be a tool to empower your journey towards your goals.

Just as words that come from other people, your inner chatter can serve two purposes.  One, as an invitation to hold even firmer to your current stance, reminding you of your reason and positioning.  Or two, as an opportunity to consider another perspective, inviting you to expand or contract accordingly.  Neither your own inner chatter, nor any external chatter for that matter, is an invitation to question your worth or ability to succeed.

Embrace Your Inner Dialogue as an Empowering Tool

Ultimately, mastering the tone of your inner dialogue is about recognizing its potential to empower your business journey instead of serving as a barrier. By choosing a tone that supports, you can navigate challenges with confidence and clarity. Remember, your inner dialogue is not a reflection of your capabilities but a guiding force towards achieving your business goals. So, harness its power and let it propel you towards success.

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