What You already Do

Jun 07, 2022

It's possible you already have more self trust than you think.

I invite you to participate in this simple, doable, exercise in self trust to start working towards seeing where you already have self trust in your life.

There are things you do every day that exhibit this.

It may seem irrelevant.

But it's not.

Showing yourself where you already are trustworthy to yourself is a great way to recognize that you have and can rely on you.

Knowing this allows you to see where you can build it in other areas as well.

Like your work.

Your goals.

Your beliefs in you and what is possible.

Building self trust doesn't have to be hard AND is so very impactful.

Self trust can make decisions easier.

Follow through more inevitable.

Having your own back second nature. 

And each of these things makes achieving anything more doable.

Press play in the image above to take me up on this short, simple exercise in building self trust.

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