Your Rulebook

Oct 03, 2022

This month we are looking at Manuals!

The manual/ rulebook you have for yourself.

We all have them. 

Rules for how we are supposed to show up.

What we should and shouldn't do.

We have them for others as well, but this month is all about YOUR RULEBOOK.

Join me each week this month in defining and questioning the rules you have in place for you.

We are going to question whether they make sense, are useful, help us or hold us back.

We are going to decide exactly how to tell and what to do once you do.

This weeks exercise:  Start making a list of all the rules you have for yourself.  Keep it in notes on your phone or on a notepad or on your computer.  Whatever is easy to keep adding as you realize and notice the rules you have for yourself.  

That's it!

Just start pulling together your rules and we will look at them next week.

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Happy rule hunting!

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