Owning Your Results: Building Self-Trust and Success

Jan 03, 2024
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Do you find yourself tangled in the self-blame game when things don't go as planned? Or do you tend to justify your outcomes by pointing fingers elsewhere? Today, we delve into a crucial aspect of achieving success: owning your results and the difference it makes in cultivating self-trust.

Why Owning Your Results Matters

Owning your results means embracing every step of your journey, whether it led to success or didn't quite hit the mark. It involves taking responsibility without falling into the traps of self-flagellation or blame games.

When discussing this concept, many often fall into two camps: one of self-judgment and blame, and the other of excuses and justifications. However, ownership isn't about casting blame; it's about leveraging the data your experiences provide to shape future outcomes.

Ownership versus Blame and Excuses

The critical distinction lies in the understanding that ownership isn't about punishment or fault-finding. It's about objectively evaluating what works, what doesn't, and what changes could enhance future results. Blame and excuses divert valuable focus and energy from  useful data, hindering progress by fixating on faults rather than solutions.

Embracing Responsibility for Growth

True ownership empowers you to repeat successes and transform shortcomings. It frees you from the grip of judgment and blame, redirecting your energy toward analyzing data and making informed decisions for progress.

1. Claim Your Results: Acknowledge and analyze your outcomes, whether desired or otherwise. Recognize your role in the choices made and the impact they had. Give yourself credit for what worked and tell yourself the truth about your part in what didn't.

2. Learn, Don't Blame: Shift your focus from blame to learning. Understand what worked so that you can repeat it; what didn't so you don't; and what adjustments can improve future outcomes.

3. Redirect Your Energy: Notice when your energy drifts into blame or excuses. This is past and problem focused.  Instead, redirect it towards understanding and leveraging data to propel yourself forward.  This is future and solution focused. 

Owning your results is a powerful step toward building self-trust and creating more successes. It's not about fault-finding but about learning from every experience, regardless of the outcome. By focusing on data, growth, and positive action, you pave the way for continued progress toward your goals.

By taking ownership of your results, you're harnessing the potential for growth, transformation, and achieving the success you seek.

Remember, it's not about dwelling on what went wrong; it's about using those insights to shape what goes right in the future.

I believe in you!


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