Why you want to have goals

May 20, 2021

Setting goals just sets you up for disappointment.  At least that is what I thought.

I thought life just takes you where it will and you hope to get what you want along the way.

Until I uncovered the joy of goal setting.

I set a goal to get a Director level position.

Then a goal to make six figures.

Then a goal to become a Regional Director.
Another money goal.

Another job goal.

Then a business goal.

A creative goal.

Each time it worked!  

So when I say I can help you achieve any goal, I mean it.

I hear clients all of the time say "goals are too rigid" and that they are "trying to be more present in their lives".  That they want to focus on the now.

Your NOW is creating your future results whether you do it deliberately or not.  Don’t you want to be an active part of the process?

Setting goals is a way to deliberately create your future.

I also hear it’s too painful to want something that you may possibly not acheive.  

Look, the possibility is zero if you do not try. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Your odds are infinitely better if you do try.

And I have a proven way that works.

You want to be the best version of yourself. 

As human beings on this planet, we are meant to constantly evolve into the best versions of ourselves.

Goals are a brilliant way to do this.  

We don’t become better in having attained the end result but in the going after it.

In the committing whole heartedly to what we want and going after it all in.  In the confronting of all obstacles that come up.

That is where growth happens.

We are constantly becoming different versions of ourselves.  Doing it deliberately is the difference between settling for what comes and creating what you want.

Who do you need to become to get what you want?

Let's be clear.  You are 100% perfect just as you are. 

And you are constantly changing.  

Who you were is what go you what you have.

Anything new  you want takes a new approach.

What you want is all in an effort to meet the basic human need of growth and achievement.    

More success.

More impact.

More connection.

If you know how to set and achieve goals, you will never question what is possible for you again.

Imagine not doubting yourself.  

Not second guessing decisions and choices.

Not spinning in the fear of uncertainty- will it work?  What if it doesn’t?  What if I mess up what I already have?

Imagine feeling energized by your goals.

Maybe even inspired to new goals.

I have helped many women set and reach financial, position and creation goals.  

 I can help you too.

 Your goal is waiting.

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